Sustainable Lawn Care Options

Trying to do better?-Great!

If you want to do your part for the environment but don’t know where to start you’re in the right place! There are so many options for sustainable lawn care that will make  you happy with your lawn and happy for the environment! This page explores many different routes that can be taken to make a sustainable lawn!

Here are some local landscaping companies with links to their companies that do it better:

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Native Plant Lawns 

 Looking for ways to make your lawn more sustainable? Try native plant lawns which are very environmentally friendly.  The lawns consist of wild plants such as native flowers and meadows. While normal lawn grass does draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the traditional grass needs to be managed with mowing and watering which comes at the expense of native plants that are in tune with the local climate and provide food for bees, endangered birds and butterflies.  In addition landscaping equipment nearly emits 27 million tons of pollutants a year (one hour of a gas powered leaf blower is as much emissions as a car driving 1100 miles). Native plant lawns are more manageable, they don’t need to be mowed and they are drought resistant requiring much less water to grow. While the aesthetic is a much looser and messier style these have become more popular. Native plant lawns attract many types of wildlife and provide for these animals and keep their habitat intact. Native plant lawns will greatly reduce your carbon footprint and will be a great addition to a business or homeowners lawn.

For more info on native plant lawns click here.

Repurposing Leaves 

With the seasonal falling of leaves lawn upkeep becomes more time consuming and harder to manage. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to blowing, and discarding leaves that benefit your lawn greatly while keeping habitats intact for creatures that depend on the fallen leaves; such as bugs, and small animals. 

Mulching leaves: Mulching leaves is a very simple process where the leaves are gathered and shredded to create a bedding for your yard or garden that will decompose faster. Leaf mulching has been proven to improve soil quality, reduce the amount of water needed for upkeep, and strengthens your grass making it more adaptive to harsh weather conditions. 

Composting Leaves: Leaves contain many beneficial nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous that when decomposed can work wonders on lawns, gardens, potted plants and anything else that needs enriched soil. 

Relocating Leaves: One of the easiest ways to remove leaves from your lawn is to simply remove them! After gathering the leaves you can bring them to a local garden or compost center or bring them to the woods and let nature take its course as they decompose and help the native plants in the area to flourish. 

For more information about repurposing leaves Click Here





Electric lawn gear

 Instead of using gas powered lawn gear consider electric lawn gear. The gas powered gear are 10-20 times more polluting per gallon than a car.  Diesel-powered mowers generate noise levels between 80-90 dB with electrical machines the noise levels would be reduced. The company called Mow Greens sells electric lawn mowers such as:

Evo which is a commercial wide cut ride on ZTR

rival  this is a commercial ride on ZTR

vanquish  this is a commercial stand on ZTR

For more info click here

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